Family Fun Day postponed

Unfortunately due to the weather, we have had to postpone our fun day until Sunday 26th of August; we are terribly sorry for any inconvenience caused. Let’s hope we have better luck next time!

Christmas Activities 2017

Our events page has been updated with information about activities over the Christmas period at Tam O’Shanter Farm.

The festive season starts with our Christmas Grotto (on Sundays 10th and 17th December), and continues with Christmas Carols on Wednesday 20th December.

Poster about Tam O'Shanter's Christmas Grotto 2017

Tam O’Shanter’s Christmas Grotto 2017

For more information, see our events page.


Alpacas join the Farm

‘If you go down to the woods today, you’re sure of a big surprise…’
No, not a teddy bears picnic at this time of year – but some animals who look just as cute and cuddly! Yes, the long-awaited alpacas have arrived at the farm! They may seem shy at first – it will take them a little while to settle in to their new home. Do visit the farm and have a look at them; they’re very appealing.
More information on alpacas will be in our ‘Meet the Animals’ section soon.

Two New Goats

The farm recently welcomed two new goats – Tilly and Tina. Tilly has a minty stripe down her nose and Tina has a patch that looks like a very fat ‘T’ on her forehead. They are Bagot goats, born early last spring; the Bagot is an interesting and endangered breed with records dating back to the 14th century in England. They are small and hardy, and very attractive. After a quarantine period in the animal house they will be let out into the paddocks to enjoy the extra space. There is a lot more information on the breed here.

Bagot goat at Tam O'Shanter Farm

Bagot goat at Tam O’Shanter Farm

Tilly and Tina

Tilly and Tina

Christmas Carols

Christmas carols at the farm

Christmas carols at the farm

Nativity scene in the animal house

Nativity scene in the animal house

Salvation Army carol singers

Salvation Army carol singers

On the evening of 21st December the local Salvation Army Band and helpers visited the farm for a walkaround carol-singing event, with people in costume helping to bring the Christmas story to life. A high point was the tableau they staged in the animal house. Their emergency response vehicle (aka tea wagon) provided refreshments, they provided very efficient stewarding, and almost 200 people of all ages turned up to sing and enjoy the experience. Donations made on the evening will be split between the urban farm and the Salvation Army.

We thank the Salvation Army for creating a most memorable occasion – a ‘first’ for the farm.

Santa’s Grotto


Friday December 4th 6PM – 8PM
Friday December 11th 6PM – 8PM

ALSO MEET SANTA  IN THE AFTERNOON on Sunday December 13th 12 – 4PM

TICKETS £3.50 to see Santa and receive a present, available from farm gift shop or Ranger’s office.

Refreshments: Mince pies, hot dogs, tea, coffee, chestnuts (roasted on an open fire of course).

Yule Logs for sale in aid of farm funds.

Santa's Grotto at the Farm, 2014

Santa’s Grotto at the Farm, 2014

Changes in Farm Livestock

Important Notice

During the winter there will not be as many animals here on the farm. This will allow us to give the land a rest; it has suffered from too many animals being kept on it for too long, especially sheep and goats.

We know that visitors expect to see a lot of animals here, but animal welfare is very important. Please understand that, on a farm this small, having too many animals damages the land and is unhealthy for the animals.

Woodworkout has left, so staff and volunteers are taking over the day-to-day animal care done by Woodworkout during the week. Having fewer animals will make things easier for them in the winter. In spring we hope to bring some more animals onto the farm for visitors to see.

The Angora goats are now at Forget-Me-Not Care Farm at Carr Farm where Woodworkout now works. Some poultry, rabbits and guinea pigs have also moved there. The piglets have grown up and gone for meat. Money from meat sold each year helps the farm to carry on keeping pigs.

Thank you for reading this. We value all our visitors and the support they give the farm; please keep visiting.

Tam O’Shanter Cottage Urban Farm Trust reg. charity no. 505444

Pork for sale

Half pig – pork box: £6 / kg., approx. 16-18kg

Contents will include approx:

  • 3 shoulder joints
  • 2 leg joints
  • 2 belly joints
  • 2 packs sliced belly
  • 12 chops
  • 4 steaks
  • 2 shanks

From our own free-range Large Black x Oxford Sandy and Black pigs.

Limited supply order now. Available early October, 2015.

John Jakeman, Tam O’Shanter Urban Farm

The website is changing

From May 2015, we are developing a new, updated website.

We need your feedback to help make these new pages as good as they can be. If there is anything you think we should include for you; anything you think would be confusing or difficult to use; any information you want to find easily; or anything you would like to see improved, please let us know. Equally, if there are things that you really like about the existing pages, we would still love to hear from you!

Why update the website?

We have reviewed the existing website and have identified many areas where we think we can improve.

One of our aims is to bring you the information you need more quickly and help you find things easier. We are doing this by improving our content, simplifying our navigation and reducing the clutter on our pages.

We want to bring you a fresh, modern web experience which works equally well on whatever device you may be using – a mobile, tablet, screen-reader, laptop or desktop computer.

There are many ways we can to make the website better and your feedback and ideas are important to help us do this. We will be starting work and trialling new things in the coming weeks and months so you will see more and more areas of the website updated and improved.

Your feedback and input to the new site will help us make things happen. Please get in touch with your ideas.

New Cafe Operators

We are pleased to announce new tenants for the farm cafe have now been found.

Mark and Jen Gill have lots of experience and have taken over the running of the cafe. They have given the place a fantastic, fresh new look and there is a completely new menu.

The cafe is now fully open again, selling hot and cold drinks and a variety of tasty treats seven days a week. Drop in and enjoy it soon!

Tel: 0151 653 9332